The internet really wants it to be true, but are Kristen Stewart and St. Vincent actually dating? There’s no real evidence but Us Weekly has ‘confirmed’ the news via an anonymous source.

kristen stewart st vincentHere’s what we do know – they went to an improv show in August and to a screening of Stewart’s new film, Certain Women, on October 3.

“They spent almost every day together after that,” the ‘insider’ says of the rumoured couple.

They were also spotted having sushi the next day and the following week Stewart went to St. Vincent’s concert in L.A.

“It’s been very romantic,” the source says. “Kristen is always whispering closely in her ear and asking her opinion.”

St. Vincent recently broke up with her girlfriend of one year, Cara Delevingne. Stewart, on the other hand, seems to be going steady with Alicia Cargile, although we haven’t seen them out and about since last month. The media has pretty much forgotten about Alisten, but it’s entirely possible the duo are still together and that KStew and St. Vincent are just friends who happen to love ladies.

Since it’s all up in the air, we’ll leave it up to you. Who do you want to see KStew with? Comment below.

Image credit: Twitter