Right hand red! Kristen Stewart was all smiles and fun playing Jello Shot Twister on Monday during The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

The Cafe Society star went up against host Jimmy Fallon in a sweet game of Twister — but with a Jello shot twist — after being inspired by a 50-year-old photo of Johnny Carson and Eva Gabor playing the classic game.

KStew prepped herself to play by wrapping a shirt around her waist. Then,  the fun began. There were ‘left foot greens’ and ‘right foot blues’ to follow.

Find out who won in the video below:

…because KStew makes life better. Though the media loved painting her as this sullen two-dimensional picture during her Twilight days — this stint on Fallon proves that Stewart has probably been the most fun the whole time.

Right, though?

Image credit: YouTube