The new LGBT film Below Her Mouth that premiered at TIFF 2016 is generating buzz — and not just because of its steamy lady loving scenes — it’s a feature that was directed and shot with an all-female crew.

In efforts to showcase an honest, real depiction of raw sapphic female love — director April Mullen made the decision to assemble a complete crew with women in the industry. Every role behind the scenes was filled by a female. It was a tough task — but the director followed through with her vision.

“It was not easy to assemble an all women crew, I’ll be honest with you, because some of the key positions like grip and electric,” Mullen told Global News, “Some of those positions were harder to bill.”

But with folks calling in with referrals, Mullen managed to do it.

“Y’know everyone’s talking about how there are not enough women, and there’s an underrepresentation of women in film and television — so we thought we should actually do something about it.” Mullen said, “You can talk about and talk about it — but if you don’t do anything about it, you’re not going to make a change.”Below Her Mouth

The movie centers on two female leads, Dallas (Erika Linder) and Jasmine (Natalie Krill) and follows their intense connection that sparks and develops in the span of three days in Toronto.

When watching the trailer, there’s a very L Word pilot feel to it — it may remind audiences of what went down with Jenny, Marina and Tim. That being said, the film has that straight-girl exploring herself with a seasoned lesbian (we all know how this goes) vibe.

Mullen wrote about her decision to show the story through a “female gaze” in a piece published on

“It was important for all of us on the film to expose ourselves (our fears, our comforts, our strengths, etc.) in order to creatively be transparent with the material,” Mullen wrote.

While the female and LGBTQ representation is a win, some folks may still hope for even more diversity in the future when it comes to including more people of colour onscreen and off. But Below Her Mouth did do something pretty groundbreaking that still deserves praise and acknowledgement.

Of course, every time a new lady loving film comes out — every lesbian movie lover gets excited. And we’d be lying if we said we weren’t.

Check out the trailer for Below Her Mouth here:

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