Leave it to Matt McGorry to be a strong ally in Hollywood. The actor caught up with TMZ when he explained why calling white girls “Becky” isn’t racist.

Specifically, the cameraman asked McGorry what he thought of Iggy Azalea’s comments on the term.

“I think there is no reverse racism. It’s not a real thing,” the How to Get Away with Murder actor said. “Black women are stereotyped in such broad, sweeping strokes to begin with and that affects their lives on a daily basis. White women aren’t as subjected to that when it comes to race issues.”

Exactly! So no, calling a white girl Becky isn’t going to make you a racist.

“White people’s lives are not ultimately terribly affected other than their feelings [being] hurt for being called racist.”

McGorry also took on Piers Morgan after he wrote that Beyoncé is a “born-again black woman with a political mission” and that she “attacked” the police in ‘Formation.’

“A man who loves his mom can still be a misogynist, right? I don’t believe that saying you have ‘huge respect’ for [Beyoncé] (as an artist & businesswoman) doesn’t mean you can’t also be supporting racism (unbeknownst to you),” McGorry wrote. “It’s no different than saying you have ‘black friends’ and therefore can’t be racist. Do you agree with that?”

Morgan, still clueless, wrote back: “I think I’m allowed to critique Beyoncé’s new very political work without being branded racist.”

McGorry didn’t let it slide.

“I think it depends what aspect of the work you’re critiquing. If you don’t like the melodies that’s one thing. But if you’re critiquing her way of speaking about her experiences as a black woman (something you and I will never experience) you are essentially colluding with the status quo (which is the silencing and discrimination of black women),” he wrote. “Truth is, no one sees themselves as racist. I can even imagine the KKK saying, ‘We aren’t racist it’s just that black people…’ Racism exists on a spectrum and you don’t have to ‘feel hateful’ to be doing a disservice to anti-racism and thus, supporting racism. Make sense?”

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Image credit: Tumblr/bad-influencex