Many of us grew up on fairy tales about knights and princesses, but Nickelodeon has put a modern, feminist twist on the old classic. Nella the Princess Knight premiered today, putting a strong biracial character in front of millions of children across North America. New York Times‘ Brooksescribes the show as the preschool version of Brienne of Tarth.

“Girl empowerment is really a part of Nickelodeon’s DNA, so a girl who transforms into a knight to save the day sounds exactly in line with what we believe is our mission,” Nickelodeon Group President Cyma Zarghami says.

“This is hopefully representative of what our country actually does look like,” she adds. “I think that we are telling authentic stories about real kids and real families — even though they’re animated and fantasy-based. We’re really trying to reflect what kids see every day…real kids who look like you and me.”

akira golz feministVoiced by Akira Golz, Nella is described as a courageous go-getter who often saves the day.

“She’s totally unconventional,” Golz says. “She has the real qualities of a princess, like grace and compassion, but also the courage and determination of a knight.”

“I hope Nella teaches young girls to have confidence, be inclusive and have compassion for others.”

We like the direction Nickelodeon is going in! For more kid-friendly programming with strong feminist vibes, click here.

Image credit: Instagram