The writing, producing and acting wonder known as Mindy Kaling just sealed the deal to stick with Universal TV — the folks who produce her rom com show The Mindy Project.

It’s always good news when a woman of colour is given both both power behind a story and screen time. Emmy-nominated Kaling signed a multi-year deal with Universal TV for acting, producing and writing, Variety reports.

Mindy Kaling renewalFans of The Mindy Project will also be enjoying the sweet feels and laughs for another season, as Hulu renewed a fifth season for the series. Representation and diversity will live on through Kaling beyond season five of The Mindy Project — as the new deal she cut with Universal TV will afford her the opportunity to work on either the familiar rom com or possibly something new.

Never forget that Kaling didn’t make her television debut on Mindy Project — but starred on NBC’s The Office before the rom com series and even worked behind the scenes as a writer responsible for the funny and eventually earned the title of exec producer for the hit comedy.

This kind of strong female presence both behind the camera and in front of it is exactly what television needs. Heck yeah, Universal TV for nailing it all down.

Image credit: Instagram/Tumblr/naivealicia