New(ish) couple alert: Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor reveal their relationship status

sarah-paulsonAmerican Horror Story’s Sarah Paulson and Two and a Half Men star Holland Taylor are officially an item! The couple has been dating for about six months and reports have confirmed their status.

Not that they were hiding it – the actresses have been less-than-subtle on social media.

Taylor, 72, publicly came out in November of this year in a radio interview with WNYC. She revealed she was dating someone but did not mention that it was a fellow-celeb. However, she did drop a clue – she mentioned that they had a big age difference.

“I’m sure [that] shocks a lot of people, and it startles me,” she said about their 32-year age difference. “But you know, it’s not a statement original to me – I’ve heard it as a joke once in my past, but as they say, ‘If she dies, she dies’… She thought it was funny when I said it too.”

While she didn’t reveal any names, she did reveal some deep feelings.

“It’s the most wonderful, extraordinary thing that could have ever possibly happened in my life.”

Check out their adorable tweets.