Piers Morgan would just be another annoying, insignificant white guy telling women what to do with their bodies except that when he degrades women millions of Daily Mail readers pay attention. The columnist’s latest attack was aimed at “diva” Chrissy Teigen who only bothered giving him the time of day after he dedicated a column to tearing down Jennifer Aniston’s Huffington Post op-ed in which she calls out the media’s sexist treatment of women and their bodies.

Ah, the irony.

The former CNN host took issue with Aniston’s position on beauty standards, body shaming, and objectification of women in the media.

jennifer aniston body shaming 2 jennifer aniston body shaming“For the record, I am not pregnant. What I am is fed up. I’m fed up with the sport-like scrutiny and body shaming that occurs daily under the guise of “journalism,” the “First Amendment” and “celebrity news,” the piece, which was on the white feminism side of things, read.

Morgan does not agree, but not because WOC were left out. He started his piece with a pathetic appeal to make people think he’s a ‘nice guy.’

“I like Jennifer Aniston. I once appeared with her on Oprah and it turned out to be her birthday. So afterwards, I sent her a mortar and pestle as a gift to help prepare her favourite guacamole.”

You can’t be mad at a guy who sends a guac-related gift, right? Wrong. You can read the whole thing here and see all the horrible things he says (for example, he shares his go-to compliment for females: ‘have you lost weight?’), but this is how he summed it up.

“I do think the least stars like Jennifer Aniston can do in return for the massive financial and career boost these fake covers bring them is to stop pretending it’s all everyone else’s fault that impressionable young girls struggle with their own beauty and body images as a result of seeing perfect photos of Jennifer Aniston.”

“I commend Jennifer Aniston for finally going public with her concerns about all this stuff. She has a powerful voice and it will provoke important argument. But if she really wants to make a difference to this ugly process, she can start by getting a tiny bit uglier herself and letting us see what she REALLY looks like on a magazine cover.”

He’s telling Aniston what is right for her and her body, just like he told Madonna that her Met Ball outfit was “simply fighting for her right to continue dressing like a cheap hooker in public,” and like the time he told Susan Sarandon her suit that showed a bra was “disrespectful and inappropriate.” While the argument that she has contributed to the problem isn’t wrong, Morgan’s problematic and sexist past doesn’t make him the right person to be commenting on it.

“@piersmorgan saw your piece on Jennifer Aniston. Why do you ALWAYS take the road of being the piece of shit asshole?” a frustrated Teigen tweeted, followed by: “particularly with women and people of color. tell me it’s just for clicks?? Please tell me you aren’t TRULY this vile.”

Morgan responded by accusing Teigen of not reading the article and “throwing another diva tantrum.”

chrissy teigen john legend“No, my little bundle of hypocrisy, YOU’RE using ME for clickbait. Now hush before your sanctimonious spleen bursts,” Morgan continued.

After a couple of back-and-forths, Morgan calls her the “biggest, lamest ‘celebrity’ troll” and adds while not even trying to hide his sexism: “Your husband’s a genius so I forgive your childish impudence.”

Why is this oblivious, nasty person allowed to write such venomous things for the masses? It’s just as much the Daily Mail’s fault for publishing his misinformed opinions. It’s Good Morning Britain’s fault for putting him on the air.

Stop allowing this man to continue his campaign to be the poster-boy of feminism. Not only does he not know the struggle personally, he doesn’t even want to learn. His rigid definition of ‘real feminism’ requires women to act a certain way that he deems appropriate. He’s simply an out-of-date chauvinist repacked into something that looks like an ally but is really a faux-friend here to undermine what women are working towards.

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