Cult series darling Orphan Black returns and delivers a compelling, complex first episode to start its final season.

Jumping right in where we last left off, the sci-fi series continues to set us up for plots the writers will inevitably twist — as we follow our favourite clones on their individual journeys against the ever-changing powers that threaten their existences.

What will the fates have in store for these strong female leads in their last season?

At the Toronto premiere held at The Royal Cinema, co-creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson spoke about the upcoming season on Sat. June 10 with local fans.

helena season 5“This year, it’s wrapping up — it was a special year,” said Manson while answering a question in the Q&A portion of the evening. “I think our storytelling interests align with Clone Club’s interests.”

Whether these interests are a Cophine endgame, a sense of safety for Sarah’s unconventional family or Helena living a happily ever after with her babies is still unknown.

But don’t be fooled — Manson and Fawcett are connected to their fans and are very aware of the passions and desires of them.

“Sometimes we look at fan stuff, we know this is what they want — we know it’s what they’re passionate about,” said Fawcett, “We’re going to do this — we’ll make it seem like we’re going in another direction and then we’ll give them what they want.”

Hopeful, right? So let’s talk about where all of our loveable (and not so likeable) sisters are at.

Their battles against Neolution (which started as a fight against the DYAD Institute — which we then learned was being steered by Topside — only to discover that Topside was controlled by Neolution — which was split into two factions — which, by the way, are now consolidated and under one terrifying Miss Rachel Duncan) are starting to grow even more intense.

rachel duncanOf course, this high level of action and drama is why the show has developed such a loyal fanbase. Emmy Award-winning actress Tatiana Maslany brings her talents back to the screen as audiences are taken for their last trip down their favourite rabbit hole.

The season begins with Clone Club divided, with some members (Cosima, Sarah and young clone Charlotte) on the creepy island of yurts and cult-like children’s literature — while sisters back in Canada are, naturally, in danger (with Alison getting thrown in a back of a van and Helena getting a stick in her pregnant belly).

Fan favourite character Delphine Cormier (Evelyne Brochu) is strategically playing her role in the island’s village that we learn is named ‘Revival’. Before having to take off for some research trip to Sardinia, the French doctor is carefully trying to guide Cosima through this dangerous game she’s playing at the headquarters of Neolution. Cosima, after four seasons, is starting to learn to trust Delphine’s sketchy ways as she opts to stay in this cult-like village obsessed with extending life — even after Sarah finds her to escape together.

So, all the clones are in their own pickles. Which has kind of been the case since we all started four seasons ago on this episodic adventure. But audience continue to cheer on our favourite genetic identicals as they take on the terrifying hurdles in their lives.

It’s all very exciting and we can’t wait for Saturday. Orphan Black has never failed us and we have faith that this promising start to the season will lead to an entire series that has been well delivered.



Image credit: BBC America, Tumblr/1footfronttheother, Tumblr/melisandlr