A spy on X Company, a French doctor on Orphan Black — turns out Canadian actress Evelyne Brochu also sings when she’s not shooting for a television series.

Teaming up with musician Felix Dyotte from Chinatown, a Canadian francophone indie pop band, the two put out a video performing a song called “C’est l’été, c’est l’été, c’est l’été” on July 21.

Celebrating summer in the number, Brochu and the singer/songwriter sat on a sweet patio surrounded by colourful flowers, sipping wine and enjoying seasonal fruits as they make some music.

Hair similar to Orphan Black‘s season three Delphine, Brochu busts out pretty harmonies with the francophone musician who also jams out on the guitar.

Someone creative may even think up a head canon — maybe write up a sweet fanfiction that has Cosima and Delphine chilling in a cottage outside Montreal as the clone recovers from her treatments? #fluff

But here’s the video for Ebro fans who need a fix as they await the fifth and final season of Orphan Black.

Happy summer!

Image credit: YouTube