Happy birthday to Carole King! The American composer and singer-songwriter is celebrating 74 years of existence on Feb. 9.Carole King

While older fans have been enjoying her music for decades, many folks are familiar with her song ‘Where You Lead’ — the theme of the hit television series Gilmore Girls set to come back soon.

This inspired us to provide a fun trivia quiz: How well do you know television music?

Featuring shows spanning from the 60s to now — take the quiz to find out how much you actually know about popular music and television. Let’s do it!

Below 30% — It’s okay, there are other things you’re good at. Music and television knowledge isn’t really one of them. I bet you can Google things faster and better than most, though, right?
30%-40% — You’re a television potato seed. So not everyone pays attention to these things — and you’re one of those people who don’t. It’s not the worst, right? Some of these questions were tough. Pro tip: pay closer attention to the opening and closing credits.
40%-50% — You’re a television small fry. You almost passed. Almost. There were a lot of tricky questions in there, we know. But, hey, this is a pretty decent score for someone who doesn’t watch that much TV!
50%-60% — You’re a television growing spud.
Not bad, eh? You passed! Bet you’re surprised how much random knowledge you have in that brain if yours.
60%-70% — You’re a blooming television russet potato!
This is a very decent score for a casual television viewer. You know your stuff and possibly subscribed to YM Magazine back in the day (don’t worry — we did too). You are awesome!
70%-80% — You’re a savoury television sweet potato!
This is a wicked score! Your television knowledge is impressive — and being in the know of the music angle too? This is a score you should take pride in. Heck yes!
80%-90% — You’re a beautiful television baked potato!
Amazing. You have an eye for television and an ear for music. You are so good at life today. We’re high fivin’ you hard!
90%-100% — You are television potato royalty!
You nailed it. All hail you. We are on our knees, we are not worthy — you are a pop culture knowledge god. You’re probably the best to marathon shows with and take to karaoke. We would share a pack of Twizzlers with you and love our lives.


Image credit: Tumblr