So you’ve read Jennifer Lawrence’s wage-gap essay and watched every Emma Watson speech. You’re a modern day pop-culture and feminism expert! You know the difference between white feminism and intersectional feminism, and you closely watch every awards show for discrimination.

So whether you’re more of an Amber Rose fan or a Lena Dunham fan, you will nail this quiz.

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40% and under — Check out our Entertainment section – you have homework to do.
50% and under — You have homework too but with a little effort you’ll be getting an A+ soon.

50%-60% — Okay, so you know the major players like Beyoncé but could learn more about others.
60%-70% — You are a regular consumer of pop-culture and probably know more than your friends.

70%-80% — You are almost at the expert level, and probably kick butt at pop-culture trivia.
80-90% — So obviously you read our Entertainment section and know most things. WELL DONE!
90% and up — You are an expert in pop-culture and feminism and we praise you for knowing all the things. Now go brag on social media!