Everyone has their own ship — and we all know everything there is to know about it. But this quiz isn’t about how much of an expert you are in your own fandom — it’s about your general femme slash shipping knowledge.

So whether you’re a Cophine shipper (Orphan Black), a SwanQueen fan (Once Upon A Time) or a classic Xena/Gabrielle person — this quiz was designed to reflect how much you know about other lady loving fandoms.

You’ll get a percentage at the end of the quiz — and we encourage you to share your results!

40% and under — SHAME. You call yourself a shipper?
50% and under — it’s encouraged you watch more television.
50%-60% — so, maybe you know a lot about your own fandom.
60%-70% — there are things you know. Things like the milestones of your own ship. Things like that, right?
70%-80% — this is a very decent score. Your general knowledge is pretty good, eh?
80-90% — so obviously you’re on Tumblr and follow some awesome people that have kept you in the know. WELL DONE!
90% and up — so you’re a femme slash knowledge god. We bow down to you and your range of know. EXCELLENT WORK!