It’s not uncommon for celebrities to take up a cause. Amber Rose has her SlutWalk, Leonardo DiCaprio’s soft spot is the environment, and Angelina Jolie is Hollywood’s preeminent humanitarian. Now Charmed actress Rose McGowan is joining their ranks with her own cause – educating politicians.

In the past McGowan has been vocal about women’s and LGBT rights, but her latest activism took place at a bipartisan gala in DC.

“After two hours of listening to old privileged white men discuss what Americans want without being integrated with any America that I know. These men, who VOTED DOWN EQUAL PAY FOR WOMEN, who VOTED AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE, and VOTED AGAINST THEIR CONSTITUENT’S BEST INTERESTS, we’re so comfortable phoning in these pandering, masturbatory speeches – I knew I had to act,” she shared on Facebook after leaving the event hosted by No Labels, an organization that aims to bridge the divide between Democrats and Republicans (full post below).

CNN reporter Sara Murray was also in attendance and live-tweeted the goings on.

McGowan was also tweeting during the event, and included a video of her own speech.

The 42-year-old actress is often outspoken on Twitter. In June she called out her “wussy acting agent” for dropping her after she criticized the wardrobe in an Adam Sandler movie that she was to audition for.

She says women auditioning were encouraged to wear “black (or dark) formfitting tank that shows off cleavage (push-up bras encouraged). And formfitting leggings or jeans.”

So keep your eyes on her social media – there is undoubtedly more activism to come.

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Image credit: Facebook