90’s star Shannen Doherty took social media friends with her through the emotional next step of journey as she continues to battle breast cancer.

Her platform of choice was Instagram — where the Charmed actress uploaded photos captioned with ‘steps’ as she proceeded to shave her head. From a feelings-fueled hug before the haircut began, to traces of a smile as she shaved away her famous brunette locks — Doherty shared it all in the emotional series of pictures.

Step 1

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Back in August last year, the 45-year-old Beverly Hills, 90210 star revealed her breast cancer diagnosis and has been open about it since. The news came during a lawsuit against her former management team — had her health insurance coverage been updated properly, it’s possible she would have been able to avoid a mastectomy and chemotherapy treatment.

But things happened a bit differently. The good news is, health professionals are optimistic about her battle. The actress appeared on The Dr. Oz Show earlier this year and talked about her cancer, her options and her tough decisions between a mastectomy and a lumpectomy to remove the cancer inside her breast for more than a year.

It’s looking hopeful for the actress. After all, Dr. Oz told Entertainment Tonight that both options were fine as long as the cancer came out. “Thankfully, if we aggressively can treat it, we can save Shannen’s life, and her doctors are superb and they’re all over that decision,” he said.

Step 4

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Doherty, best known as Brenda Walsh from her 90210 days, has been a media coverage favourite for decades. And in case you’re wondering, we shipped Brenda and Dylan.

We’re just hoping for an easy and quick recovery for the actress.

We’ll leave you with the opening credits from 90210:

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