Southern Comfort, transgender themed musical is coming to The Public Theatre in New York — and they’re doing right with casting.

Based on the 2001 documentary film, Southern Comfort is about a group of transgender friends in Georgia. Themes in the movie include folks grappling with rejection from others and self, struggling to have outer appearance matching inner self and what it means to create personal support systems that ultimately afford someone the ability to live their own life.

The musical is set to hit the stage during Public Theatre’s 2015-16 season and they’re currently sniffing out talented trans performers who can act and sing to represent their characters well.

The entertainment industry is finally starting to come around and understand the value of diversity and representation — awareness is spreading and change is slowly starting to happen. The Public Theatre isn’t foreign to diversity, so their effort to feature a trans-focused musical makes sense — especially as the topic has been relevant this year. Audiences are craving this and the people in the entertainment world are beginning to learn how to serve it.

The effort to call on transgender actors to get their musical on is a step in the right direction. Better efforts are being made and we look forward to seeing more diversity and representation both on and offscreen.

Southern Comfort is set to hit the stage March 7, 2016.

Image credit: amazon