When Ashley Graham was put on the cover of Sports Illustrated this year headlines all over the world described her as plus-size, but the model thinks that term is out-of-date.

“I think the word plus-sized is totally outdated,” Graham told the crowd at a SXSW panel called Acceptance Revolution: Fashion’s New Body. “It shouldn’t be about labels. I don’t want to be called a label, I want to be called a model.”

She explained that ‘plus-size’ starts at a size eight, while the average American woman is a size 14.

ahsley graham body positive

“As a body activist, I want to tell women to not be totally subjected to the beauty standards around you,” she said, while acknowledging that some women are empowered by the term.

The panel comes as Lane Bryant accuses ABC and NBC of refusing to air the brand’s body-positive lingerie commercial that stars Graham. The ad, which also stars Denise Bidot, Precious Lee, Tara Lynn, and Georgia Pratt, shows the women in clothing and lingerie while they talk about what their bodies are capable of.

While ABC is keeping quiet, NBC says they merely asked for minor edits, something Lane Bryant denies.

Image credit: Tumblr/laljipota