Sci-fi franchise Star Trek is entering new frontiers with pride with the release of upcoming Star Trek Beyond — where they’re going to debut their very first LGBTQ character. Better yet — the character they’ve opted to take on a coming out is none other than Hikaru Sulu — making the LGBTQ representation a queer person of colour.

star trek gayFor those who are unfamiliar with Star Trek, Sulu is the helmsman of the Starship Enterprise and this time he’ll be played by actor John Cho. Sulu was first brought to life onscreen back in 1966 by out-actor George Takei in the original TV series.

Though he was straight on the series way back when, in Star Trek Beyond Sulu will not only identify as gay — but he’ll be representing a healthy committed same-sex relationship with another man. The pair will also further represent by co-parenting a daughter together.

It only took 50 years. But at least they’re entering a galaxy now where the gay happens.

Some Star Trek fans may argue that the franchise has featured guest queer characters in the past — depicting some form of same-sex relationships on the screen. However, this time around will mark the very first time an LGBTQ character in the series is canonically queer. It marks a good start to better representation of the queer community on the sci-fi series.

Image credit: tumblr/superheroincolor/sci-fi-gifs