Have you ever heard of hate-watching? It’s a real phenomenon that many of us have experienced while watching our favourite shows and according to a new study the deeper the hate the more likely we are to tune in.

Analytics company New Canvs conducted a study of Twitter reactions and how they correlate to viewership numbers. They found hate is one of the most influential things that drives people to continue watching a show. Uh yeah, Joffrey Baratheon basically drove GoT ratings for a whole season. Then it was Ramsay and the High Septon – now both dead.

It may seem obvious, but New Canvs looked at Twitter reactions to 5,709 episodes from 431 series to determine that hate-watching is a thing. Reactions were divided into groups like ‘hate,’ ‘love,’ and ‘funny’ and then compared to the next episode’s viewership ratings.

The numbers? A one per cent increase in ‘hate’ on Twitter lead to a 0.7 per cent increase in ratings for the show’s following episode.

Who do you love to hate-watch? Rachel Duncan from Orphan Black? Healy from OITNB? Marnie from Girls? Let us know below.news canvs hate watch

Image credit: Twitter