NBC is doing its part to promote more diversity and better representation — the network is making moves towards a Blacklist spinoff centred around Famke Janssen’s character.

Currently, the original series stars James Spader — and this potential spinoff has been on the minds of the powers that be since last year. While the project is still waiting for an actual green light — NBC and Sony Pictures Television are trying to make this female-led series a reality, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

famke janssen

Everyone’s keeping pretty tight lips about the details of the actual plot — but Variety mentioned Janssen (X-Men, How To Get Away With Murder, Nip/Tuck) is going to be playing a character called Susan ‘Scottie’ Halsted. The actress is set to make her appearance on the May 5 episode and will earn more screen time on the one that airs on May 12. Rumours have it that Janssen will play Blacklist regular Ryan Eggold’s mother.

If the spinoff does happen — folks aren’t sure when the new series will be delivered to audiences. Though it’s up in the air, THR is suggesting decisions will be made in the next few months.

But we’re excited that a possible female-led spin-off starring a woman over 50 is in the works. We’re also glad NBC is putting in the effort to promote better representation — they are, after all, the same network that dropped Donald Trump after his comments about immigrants.

The Blacklist currently holds the number 3 slot in rankings for their scripted programs and while it’s not performing as high as when it originally premiered, is steady with ratings.

Maybe a female-led series is exactly what the franchise would need for the boost. It’s definitely a project we can get behind!

Image credit: Instagram/Tumblr/dlantos