Tonight is the season finale of Jill & Jessa: Counting On and it looks the family kept the best for last. On the last episode of the season Jessa and Ben reveal they will go forward with adopting a child, possibly from El Salvador.

Last week we saw Jessa and her clan head down to Central America to visit Jill and Derick who have been living in Guatemala and doing missionary work.

“I wish I could gather up an armload and carry ’em out,” Jessa said while visiting a local orphanage.

“We have many friends who have walked this road, so we have seen firsthand the amazing power of adoption,” she told Us Weekly. “There are so many kids out there who are longing for the love of a family, and we feel strongly about opening our hearts and our home to welcome them in.”

Jessa and Ben have been planning to adopt for a while but put those plans on hold when she got pregnant with son Spurgeon.

jill derick dillard adopt baby central america“I would love a house full of kids,” she said. “Ben jokes about wanting 15 sons, but I imagine we will probably have a good mix of boys and girls.”

Besides the trip to the orphanage, tonight’s episode will also follow the family’s adventures on the continent.

“I love visiting with Jill and Derick and getting to see what they’re doing here,” Jessa said. “It’s not easy — I’ll just say that. It’s difficult.”

Jessa also revealed that her sister Jill might come back from Central America with an adopted baby as well.

Looks like the Duggar girls aren’t planning on birthing a ton of babies like their mom Michelle, and we don’t blame them!

Image credit: Instagram