Christian rehab doesn’t last forever and Josh Duggar is now back in Arkansas working for the family business. Before his transgressions (or as the Duggars call them, “sins”) Josh was an executive director at the Family Research Council, which ironically lobbies for “traditional family values.” After getting the boot from the organization Josh probably didn’t have much choice in terms of where to work so he’s back at the car lot, or at least that’s what the Duggars want you to think. Jim Bob and Michelle, who are pretty good at cover-ups, had Josh on the lot smiling and looking care-free for the cameras that just happened to be there.

People magazine published the exclusive photos of Josh driving a $16,500 Jeep on the family lot. “He looks happy,” says a source – well yeah, he basically got away with molesting minors without any jail time.

josh duggar mother's dayMore evidence that the smiles might just be for the camera – on Mother’s Day he was seen at church with his wife and later at a restaurant called Cactus Cantina with his parents Jim Bob and Michelle but a source told inTouch he looked miserable.

“Only Josh seemed not to be having a good time,” reports inTouch. “Anna had her back to us but occasionally she would move around and she was smiling. She looked very much at ease.”

Josh reportedly stayed on his phone the whole time and “definitely did not seem to be having fun.”

What an awkward family dynamic.

Image credit: inTouch