Almost Adults is bringing audiences a perfect formula of clever comedy and fresh perspectives on emotionality in their official movie trailer released on Oct. 26 — and it will give you all the feelings.

The Gay Women Channel, with 3,737 backers from Kickstarter presents the feature film starring Natasha Negovanlis and Elise Bauman from the hit Carmilla web series in a trailer that won’t let you down.

Bringing their excellent onscreen chemistry to Almost Adults, Negovanlis and Bauman are playing best friends grappling with transitory times in both their individual lives and their friendship. The comedy feature follows the two as Mackenzie (Bauman) embraces her sexuality and Cassie (Negovanlis) recovers from a breakup from a longterm relationship — all while trying to maintain their once strong connection as life starts to pull them apart.

Filmed in Toronto, this trailer suggests an adorable feature film that appears to be well written by The Gay Women Channel‘s Adrianna DiLonardo and was directed by Sarah Rotella with a very decent production value. While folks may recognize the stars from Carmilla, a lesbian web series that has boasts over 21 million views, Almost Adults is affording the actresses to access more complex character depths to bring on screen.

almost daults 1almost adults 2

The plot feels real, the dialogue is actually funny and the character chemistry is high all around. The heat in the trailer is evident when we see a sexy moment between Mackenzie and Elliot (Winny Clarke) in addition to enjoying some angst from Cassie as she adjusts to the evolving friendship dynamic with her best friend.

Based on the trailer, LGBTQ representation is made honestly and though racial representation may be lacking — the film still looks like one we want to see.

We’re looking forward to watching Almost Adults in its entirety. Watch the trailer here:

Image credit: Tumblr/cosimacormier