Spoiler alert – so many things happened on last night’s episode of Game of Thrones. By far the best episode of season six, episode nine saw tons of gore, war, dragons, and a little bit of gay.

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Let’s start with the promise of more gay. Some background – we know Yara Greyjoy likes the ladies so when she arrived in Meereen with Theon we were hoping sparks would fly between her and the dragon queen. Our wish was granted – Yara and Daenerys have fiery chemistry. The Greyjoy leader arrived with a fleet of ships for the queen in return for her support of Yara’s quest for the Iron Islands throne. Daenerys accepts, and they even casually joke about marriage – yes! While exchanging heated looks, they discuss their plans for world domination and it got us very, very excited.

Now that moment GoT fans have been for since season one. Before Yara arrived in Meereen the city was attacked by the masters and Daenerys unleased her dragons. All three of them burned the enemies to a crisp (while saving their ships – so clever) while Tyrion made sure the masters would get the message. Daenerys has finally gained control of her fiery pets and gave us a taste of how she will use them to take over the Seven Kingdoms.

Meanwhile in the north, Jon Snow and Sansa Stark head into battle against Ramsay in order to take back Winterfell. An awful and bloody war ensues after Ramsay hideously murders Rickon in front of everyone. As Jon enters the battlefield it’s hard to believe he’s not the Lord of Light’s chosen one. He avoids harm, almost magically, while single-handedly taking down hundreds of Bolton men. But it’s not enough and just when the Boltons are about to defeat Snow and the wildlings Littlefinger and the army of the Eyrie arrive to save the day. Ramsay runs back to the castle and Jon, Tormund, Davos and the giant follow him breaking down the wall and taking it back. Jon beats Ramsay with his bare hands, filled with rage after Rickon’s senseless death.

Sansa, the leader of the north, now gets a chance to take revenge on her husband Ramsay. In a scene that perfectly captures how far Sansa has come since season one, she feeds Ramsay to his own dogs and watches him get teared to shreds – something he certainly deserved after all the torture and rape he’s committed in his lifetime.

The Stark direwolf banner flies over Winterfell once again, the north is back in good hands, and another key house is ruled by a fierce female leader.

We can’t wait for episode 10 but in the meantime we’ll continue to hope that our prediction that Daenerys and Yara will become the Seven Kingdom’s most feared power couple will come true.

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