Orphan Black fans were treated with a few sweet new teasers from the upcoming fourth season of the hit Canadian sci-fi series — and it’s something to get excited about!

While the first teaser gave us an eyeful (of literally a bionic eye — could it be Rachel Duncan’s?) — the following teasers introduced us to a new Leda clone running through the dark woods and revealed a creepy ‘sheep’ mask. This ominous new footage is creepy and blurs the lines in our imagination between sci-fi and horror — but this wonderfully crafted episodic hasn’t failed us in three seasons — so in the creators, we trust.orphan black season 4 coming out

Apparently, the new self-aware clone has been deliberately keeping her distance from the sestras — and she knows things. Executive producer John Fawcett describes the reclusive new clone as ‘ver paranoid’ — says she knows more than the head of the Leda pack. As Cosima realized in season three, knowledge is power in the Orphan Black world (and every other) — so Sarah Manning is out to sniff out what she knows. But the press release from earlier this fall suggested that Sarah may find herself estranged from her sisters and fall back into some of her old, darker ways.

Though some of us are still reeling from the season three finale that found one of the biggest protectors of the sestras, Dr. Delphine Cormier (Evelyne Brochu), possibly fatally wounded — a panel from the summer stated she was only ‘Oprhan Black dead’. Also, she it was confirmed that she was shot in the stomach. On a sci-fi series — that’s all about modifying genetics and playing god. Remember folks, Ethan and Susan Duncan were also ‘dead’ in the first season. Our hope for the return of our favourite bisexual Topside high-up (former monitor) burns bright in our hearts. We still believe Cophine is end game.

The cast, including Emmy Award nominee and star Tatiana Maslany, have been all around Toronto filming the latest season of Orphan Black for the last few months. While stars from the show such as Jordan Gavaris (Felix) and Ksenia Solo (Shay) have been spotted between filming downtown Toronto — the fates for the characters have been kept under wraps.

The new season comes out in April 2016. Until then, enjoy the new teasers!

Image credit: tumblr/fyorphanblackgifs