Bears and guns and revenge, oh my! There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the violence, beauty, and bear wrestling in The Revenant.

It just won the top three awards at the Golden Globes including Best Actor for Leonardo DiCaprio, Best Director for Alejandro González Iñárritu and Best Dramatic Picture.

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But Leo and the bear aren’t the only ones on the world’s radar right now. Canadian actress Grace Dove is the strong First Nations woman who is getting a lot of attention for playing Leo’s love interest.

Incidentally, Grace and I both spent our formative years in Prince George, BC. I’m surprised we didn’t run into each other at a bush party. I caught up with her this week on the eve of the Academy Award nominations.

Q: What would you say was the biggest challenge filming the movie?

A: I’ve never done anything quite at this level, working alongside some of the best of the best in the whole industry; it was definitely a little intimidating leading up to the project.

Q: Have you faced discrimination as a First Nations actor?

A: Well in this movie Alejandro has so much respect for our culture and for our people so I felt really safe on this project. I mean, First Nations people in Hollywood, we’ve come a long way, but we still have a long way to go and I’m excited to be a part of it. Obviously I’ve faced discrimination in my life, but when it comes to Hollywood and acting I only go with scripts and auditions where I feel we are being represented properly.

Q: Do you identify as a feminist?

A: If you look up the word feminism it means that you stand up for women and their rights and yes we can make our own choices and I think that there’s nothing negative about that. But now it’s kind of getting to the point where there are negative connotations and I don’t agree with that.

Q: What was it like working with Leonardo DiCaprio?

A: Working alongside Leonardo it’s something I had never even thought about. To realize the size of his career and what he has accomplished, to see his speech at the Globes it’s just one thing after another that shows me how much I look up to him and respect him. He definitely encouraged my work to be a lot better.

Q: What’s your reaction to The Revenant winning Best Dramatic Picture at the Golden Globes last night?

A: How cool! When I watched the movie I thought best picture. It just takes your breath away everything about it, it’s really moving and it’s really powerful.  It keeps you thinking and I don’t think a lot of movies are quite like it. I’m so happy I had the chance to be a part of it.

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