The force is strong behind Harrison Ford’s paycheque. The actor behind Han Solo earned more than $10 million and up to $20 million to bring his iconic character back to the big screen, according to Variety.

The 73-year-old actor has apparently made substantially more dollars than his co-stars, a Disney insider confirmed with Variety. Siblings onscreen, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia have also returned for the big Disney and Lucasfilm’s sequel — Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher left the set with salaries in the low-seven-figure range. Of course, the original cast did significantly better than the new actors — who went home with a paycheque in the low-six-figure range. Then, there were others who made even less.

Interesting, eh?

Record breaking Star Wars: The Force Awakens has already earned $288.1 million in North American ticket sales — with a worldwide gross of $610.8 million.  The franchise is really loving capitalist life these days.

While it’s ridiculous how the movie’s gods decided to pay the stars in the film, none of this should be a surprise. For folks who have been tracking any of the press promotions will have noticed Fisher being the most hilarious and making headlines for her outrageous comments during interviews.

george lucas interviews carrie fisher
She’s kind of our hero. For multiple reasons — for being an example of an older woman still making magic in film, for playing a general in the movie and for her ability to be herself during interviews.

As Star Wars fans, we would argue that the role of Princess Leia is just as significant as Han Solo — which is why the pay difference between Ford and Fisher elicits a raised brow.

Of course, we also know why this happens and what it’s usually all about. We just thought Star Wars was above the wage gap thing.

[spoiler alert] This being said, the big reason Ford walked away with the highest pay was because his character dies in The Force Awakens and likely won’t be needed for future films. While this is somewhat reasonable, the huge pay difference still doesn’t feel right.

So there. That’s what’s been happening behind the scenes in that galaxy far, far away.


Image credit: Tumblr/maaarine