Last night’s special episode of The Amber Rose Show was all about slut-shaming, feminism, and the host’s upcoming SlutWalk. With guests Jessica White, Angel Brinks and Perez Hilton, Rose discussed shaming in the workplace, online bullying and how Hilton has become a ‘recovered-shamer.” She made headlines again today when she announced a live speaking tour in 2017. Don’t forget, she’s also currently completing on Dancing with the Stars. Muva must not sleep.

“Women get bullied constantly for things that we didn’t do, or things that we did do, things that we were very comfortable doing. Shaming is out of control, from slut shaming to body shaming to victim blaming,” the 32-year-old said on-air. “I get ridiculed constantly.”

Model Jessica White talked about her own experience being called a slut at a young age and Basketball Wives LA star Angel Brinks had a similar story.

“I have a clothing line that is known for being very sexy. I get a lot of backlash with that,” she shared, while adding that she gets shamed for her personal life too. The designer has a child with basketball player Tyreke Evans. “All I would hear is ‘Oh, she’s just with him for his money,’ ‘she’s a gold digger.'”

Reformed slut-shamer Perez Hilton was also on the show, saying “I wish that I could go back in time.”

“I used to be a slut-shamer,” Rose said. “I used to call women sluts and hos all the time.”

The former dancer also got very candid about her days stripping. Check it out below.

Rose’s SlutWalk is on October 1 in LA.