Unless we’re going on Netflix to watch something like Orange is the New Black or Stranger Things, we tend to get lost in the sea of seemingly endless shows and movies. Turns out we’re not alone. According to Reelgood and Learndipity Data Insights the average Netflix user spends 17.8 minutes trying to find something to watch. Compare this to the 9.1 minutes cable users spend channel surfing and you start to realize how much time has been wasted scrolling through hundreds of options.

The study also revealed Netflix users watch entertainment programming 5.5 days per week on average while cable users watch for 5 days. That means Netflix subscribers can be spending up to almost 98 minutes a week searching the database.

tumblr_n0h3e8YZjW1s13iszo1_500The people behind the study also found that 40 per cent of Netflix users want to watch something different than their significant other, but we already knew that!

And don’t bother recommending your favourite shows to friends – only 30 per cent value your opinion.

Image credit: Tumblr/nothings-alrite-in-our-life