Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne hit the baby jackpot when their twins were born this week. The comedian revealed the news on Facebook with a photo of the baby boys in their cribs.

Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne are moms“Max and Finn Notaro arrived happy, healthy and really, really cute on June 26. Fluff has a ton of questions about how long they plan on staying. Thank you everybody for your endless love and support,” she said.

What a cute little human-cat family!

The couple announced they were expecting twins six months ago.

“When Stephanie and I got together, after so much excessive travel and work, we imagined a life where we could eventually raise a family amongst our own family one day. Now it blows our minds that our dream has been realized over the past nearly 3 years in the making.”

The couple lives in a “beautiful little compound” along with Stephanie’s entire family – talk about easy child-care!

Celebrities are already wishing the new moms well on social media including Ellen DeGeneres who said: “Congrats to my friend @TigNotaro and her wife @StephAllynne who are the parents of twins! Hello twins. Goodbye sleeping thru the night”

Image credit: Facebook