Tina Fey is trending hard right now. For her return to SNL, for promoting the upcoming film Sisters co-starring Amy Poehler and for opting out of our “culture demanding apologies.”

Recently under fire for an episode of her Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt — the one when Jane Krakowski’s character was revealed to be Native American. Krakowski, of course, is white — and her character had been rejecting her heritage.

The Internet was unimpressed and folks took to Twitter to share their feelings about the contentious storyline calling it racist.fey bad blood 2fey bad blood 1

It got back to Fey — who was seemingly annoyed by the whole thing. In an interview with Net-a-Porter magazine, Fey explained the effort that goes into writing and crafting everything. “My new goal is not to explain my jokes,” she said.

Her advice was to steer clear of the Internet. “If you don’t get the joke, that’s your problem,” Fey said.

While it may appear that Fey had intended no real harm and only hoped to elicit humour with her Native American storyline — as a writer and producer, the comedy queen should also realize we’re going through a socially sensitive time. The irony is that she’s often praised for being a feminist — speaking up against sexism in the industry and making jokes at it all on stage.

It should have been no surprise that audiences would react negatively towards a white woman playing a Native American who opted out of her culture. This year, the media has been all about representation and diversity — the subject is sensitive. Being an advocator for feminism while borrowing culture for comedy looks, y’know, bad.

Some folks are calling white feminism on the situation, some are strongly on her side. But either way, Fey’s getting press and nailing it at promoting her movie.

Image credit: Tumblr/bryhoward