Wiz Khalifa turns Adele’s ‘Hello’ into a reefer record: top 5 songs to blaze to

wiz khalifa adele hello coverForget about Kanye’s self-proclaimed ‘best album of all time’ – Wiz Khalifa is the best rapper around.

I base that argument solely on his cover of Adele’s ‘Hello,’ which he turns into a stoner anthem. While on Power 106, host J Cruz asked him if he could write to any beat, to which Khalifa said he needs to ‘feel it.’

Cruz then plays Adele’s ‘Hello’ and lets Khalifa have the stage. Khalifa must have been feeling it because without a flinch he turned it into an epic reefer record that he calls ‘Hella Os.’

adele wiz khalifa hello cover gifNow I hope Adele covers his version on her tour!

If you’re looking for more stoner anthems, we’ve got you covered. From Amy Winehouse to Ray Charles, these are the best songs to blaze to from artists who enjoy the green stuff.

Image credit: Tumblr/whydidithavetobeclowns