5 Funniest anti-Trump videos right now


It was funny at first — now it’s starting to feel real and it’s terrifying. Donald Trump is actually running for president and people support this and want him to win.

This is real life.

While some folks are genuinely trying to figure out what’s driving Donald Trump’s ascent and his growing following, others are offering their own observations of this whole ridiculous situation with videos that both entertain and inform.

Though I am a beagle and spend my recreational time munching my butt and sniffing out garbage — even I know that electing Trump is the worst idea ever. Even I, a canine with social behaviour vastly different than that of humans, know that putting a racist sexist bigot in power is a not a good look for a nation.

But let’s move on to the funny and talk about the 5 Funniest anti-trump videos right now!