7 Ways activism can conflict with our personal lives

7 ways activism can conflict with personal lives thefeminismproject

Activism is tough. The more you know the more aware you become. It’s this higher level of awareness that can become a source of stress when placed in spaces with folks who just haven’t gotten there yet.

Passion is important. To believe in something strongly is to perpetuate the idea, to promote the path, to encourage progress — to folks who are like-minded. Passion and strong conviction to someone who is set in their own different ways — can be awkward. There is a fine line between educating people and shoving values and beliefs down their throats.

While most intelligent people and quality activists are fact-driven and do their research, to folks with a value system that contradicts progressive ideologies — you’ll still be ‘wrong’. Not wrong in the definition of the word — but wrong to them on a personal level — no matter what because the human capacity to clutch onto an idea of something regardless of evidence and support is mind-blowing.

This is why discussions surrounding politics and religion can be so intense — individuals commit themselves to different theories of thoughts, personal values based on them and will protect these systems.

It takes all kinds to make this world wonderful. While some of us are trying to change the state of things, it must be noted that most people struggle with, y’know, change. But change is the only thing we can count on — and it’s necessary for improvement. Friends, you’re doing good — even on the bad days.

So let’s talk about 7 ways activism can conflict with our personal lives.