With a new feminist identified Prime Minister in Canada, diversity and representation is gaining value onscreen and behind the scenes in the entertainment industry and a better sense of social awareness is in the air — TheFeminismProject.com couldn’t have launched in a more exciting time.

It’s been a month since we’ve gone live. Having received so much love and positive feedback — we wanted to thank everyone who has been reading, sharing and taking part in the project.

Pop culture with a feminist twist has never felt so right and we’ve been happy to bring our readers articles that explore sexism, racism, and transphobia in our modern world. We had an exciting month of features with articles such as ‘The first six weeks: why newborns are awful and moms like Hayden Panettiere feel guilty,’ which explored the spectrum of negative feelings that women can feel after giving after birth and how to get through it, Is there racism in Canada? Oh, yes by anti-oppression and anti-racism educator May Lui and ‘7 Signs you’re dating a narcissist’ and so many more.

Our resident super beagle, Clark Kent, even got us our first celebrity interview! Our four-legged reporter sniffed out Jordan Gavaris from the Canadian sci-fi series Orphan Black.

TheFeminismProject.com also released it’s first video – 10 Ways in which your vagina is magical (for cis-women) – which offers facts and encourages cis-women to celebrate and love their magical bits.

Of course, we have another exciting month ahead of us with articles from globe trotting Mairi Kippen, online dating etiquette guru Ashley Spegel and more — in addition to our usual updates on the entertainment world.

TheFeminismProject.com’s official launch party is happening Nov. 19 at The Boat in Toronto. With support from sponsors such as Steam Whistle, Mindzai, JoeScrub — this event is something to look forward to.

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Chloe Tse & Leia Smoudianis