Welcome to our Harder Stuff section where we will be exploring ranging topics of the more serious variety — from racism, both individually and institutional, to sexism and its harmful repercussions, politics and more.

With our launch, we bring you strong perspectives from folks such as May Lui, an educator and activist with a focus on anti-oppression and anti-racism, voices from queer spaces and people of colour, in addition to more familiar voices you’re used to in the media.

While the focus of TheFeminismProject.com is to bring you popular culture with a  feminist twist — these tougher subjects to tackle will not be overlooked. It is all these things that inspire what you read and what you see on screen — and appropriate representation matters.

Whether we’re covering reproduction rights for women, racial representation and how all this relates to the political system that governs us — we aim to be real and speak in truths.

We welcome you to our space.

Chloe Tse & Leia Smoudianis