After President Obama and Prime Minister Trudeau’s hilarious press conference where they argued over which country is better at hockey, we realized they’re our political OTP.

trudeau obama otp press conference

Yes, those two are our one true pairing. There hasn’t been a Canadian/American leadership pairing like these two in our lifetime (or ever), and we’re seriously shipping it. Both politicians are liberal, seemingly truthful, and pretty easy on the eyes.

But what happens with our OTP come November? Well, if Bernie Sanders gets in we can get behind that ship too. Maybe even Hillary. However, if Trump or some other awful republican gets elected we’ll have to resort to Trudeau/Obama fan-fiction on what would have happened had Obama been able to run for office again.

The fandom doesn’t end there – we’re kinda shipping Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau and Michelle Obama too! The duo spoke at an International Women’s Day event for Let Girls Learn, an American initiative that aims to ensure girls get “the education they deserve.” FLOTUS introduced Grégoire-Trudeau as “my soulmate” and called her a role model.

trudeau obama michelle sophie state dinnerTalk about #squadgoals, right?

And we love that Grégoire-Trudeau chose to highlight a Canadian designer at the state dinner. She wore a gown by Lucian Matis, a Toronto designer, to the first White House state dinner between the two countries in 19 years. During her trip to Washington she was also spotted in other Canadian brands including Zvelle, Mae, DUY, and Aldo.

For now, we’ll have to enjoy our OTPs while they’re still canon but come November we don’t know what we’re going to do.

Image credit: Instagram