According to a new study by Glassdoor men earn about four to six per cent more than women, even when they share a job title. Excuse us while we process this brand new information!

Okay, we kid, but seriously? We don’t need a study to tell us this. Not that we’re bashing Glassdoor for looking into it!

The website surveyed thousands of salaries posted on their site and confirmed that the wage gap exists in the United States, Britain, Australia, France, and Germany. In the US women earn 75.9 cents per dollar earned by their male peers, and in the UK women earn 77.1 pence per pound earned by men. Glassdoor even compared women and men at the same company, with the same job title and found the wage gap was still there.

“Women and men tend to pursue different career paths early in life and then sort into different industries and occupations, which, in large part, is due to a variety of societal expectations and traditional gender norms. This is the single largest factor we see contributing to today’s gender pay gap,” Glassdoor’s chief economist Andrew Chamberlain said.

Chamberlain recommends full transparency will end the wage gap as well as better government policies.

In Canada women earn an average of 66.7 cents per dollar earned by men, putting Canada at a shameful number seven in the world for highest wage gaps.

sheila malcolmsonThe NDP is urging the Liberal government to take action on the wage gap situation. The NDP’s status of women critic Sheila Malcolmson introduced a motion to create a special committee to fight the gap, and it was passed in February 2016.

“For decades, New Democrats pushed hard for pay equity. With the adoption of our NDP motion today, the real work begins now and we can take concrete action towards real, tangible equality for women,” the Nanaimo – Ladysmith House of Commons member said.

“The wage gap discriminates against women and there’s no excuse for the fact that women in Canada continue to make substantially less than men.”

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