Those who are celebrating #HeterosexualPrideDay are likely also those who are fond of the #AllLivesMatter movement — and probably the same folks who think sexism doesn’t exist.

People who are celebrating #HeterosexualPrideDay are blind to privilege and lack the understanding of the bigger picture. It’s unfortunate really.

While we understand that not everyone can access resources and education — not everyone will get social justice issues — still, trying to make #HeterosexualPrideDay a thing is flat out shitty and you need to stop.

LGBTQ+ pride exists because queer and trans folks have had to make stands against discrimination and violence — fight for equality and increase visibility as a community. Gay pride or LGBTQ+ pride had to happen to create a space in heteronormative culture for queer and trans people who wanted to feel safe and okay.

Some may argue that things have changed — but the trending of #HeterosexualPrideDay proves there are ways to go. But instead of dwelling on the negative, let’s check out a few tweets that demonstrate an understanding of how ridiculous this hashtag is:

So, no. #HeterosexualPrideDay is not a thing and if you’re trying to make it a thing — you need to shut up.

The end.


Image credit: YouTube