Beginning February 1, 2016 Jian Ghomeshi’s alleged victims took the stand at the highly-publicized trial. This week, on March 24, the verdict is expected.

lucy decoutere

Closing arguments in the case ended six weeks ago. Ghomeshi did not testify before Ontario Court Judge William Horkins, who now has to decide if the evidence presented by the Crown is sufficient enough to charge the 48-year-old who plead not guilty to four counts of sexual assault and one count of overcoming resistance by choking. Throughout the trial Ghomeshi’s defence team tried to find inconsistencies in the witnesses’ statements and their correspondence with the accused. One of the alleged victims is Lucy DeCoutere, a Canadian actress who stars in Trailer Park Boys.

This isn’t the only trial Ghomeshi is facing. In June 2016 a second trial will begin, this time for the sexual assault charge brought forward by a former CBC employee.

On the day of the expected verdict, Ryerson Students’ Union’s Centre for Women and Trans People will host a rally and march to support survivors of sexual assault.

“This trial highlights a criminal justice system that is in need of deep reform in order to create actual justice and that we live in a culture that spends more time focusing on what a survivor does after they are assaulted rather than why abusers commit violence,” the event’s Facebook page reads.

“We want to end survivor shaming and victim blaming myths embedded in systems. Let’s celebrate all the ways we resist and seek justice.”ghomeshi-march

Image credit: Twitter