Oh, Canada — the future is looking brighter for all students! The safety and wellbeing of LGBTQ youth is something Canadian school administrators want to see improvements on, according to a national study.

A study with the intention of creating a detailed picture of what support for Canadian LGBTQ students across the nation looks like from school systems has come out — and the findings are promising for LGBTQ-inclusive education.

141 Canadian school districts across the country were surveyed by the University of Winnipeg and suggests that most teachers are all about LGBTQ-inclusive education. Worth noting, the survey reached districts including rural and Catholic divisions as well as urban parts. The responses were positive — even in the ‘personal values and religion’ section.

“The vast majority of educators (85%) reported that they approve of LGBTQ-inclusive education,” says the report. “Educators from Catholic schools were only slightly less likely to approve of LGBTQ-inclusive education and slightly more likely to be opposed to it.”

It turns out that 96% of the same educators saw LGBTQ rights as human rights and 90% of them thought students should be able to express their gender any way they like — with 95% of them personally approving of same-sex marriage.

The study also covers language and addresses various harassment policies that work to fight against bullying based on sexual orientation and transgender/gender identity or gender expression. The terms are defined easily for folks to understand in the report.

Based on the study, it shows Canadian educators care about the safety and wellbeing of LGBTQ youth.

The full report is long but it’s looking positive for LGBTQ-inlcusive education. It’s something to get excited about, eh?