Stargazing on Capitol Hill: who the stars are aligned with in the Hillary vs. Bernie race

katy-perry-hillary-clinton-stephen-colbert-bernie-sanders-celebrity-supporters-democratsCelebrity presidential endorsements are a must nowadays. Obama knows – he has been using the celebrity angle since his campaigning days. From talk show appearances and campaign stop speeches by Oprah, to Beyoncé’s social media backing and Lady Gaga’s support of Obamacare, the POTUS has the stars working for him.

Hillary Clinton has taken a page out of Obama’s campaign handbook and invited celebrities out to many of her pit-stops. Bernie Sanders has famous supporters too, however unlike Clinton’s celebrity fans they don’t get decked out in red, white, and blue costumes.

Aside from making political change, getting in with a presidential candidate can lead to some personal benefits. Remember when Beyoncé sang at Obama’s 2013 inauguration?

So let’s forget Donald Trump exists for a bit and see which stars are getting cozy with the Democratic candidates.