The Women Not Objects campaign is working to battle the objectification of women in mainstream media — and it’s a thing you should know about.

Focusing on sexist advertising, the mission of the campaign is to end objectification in advertising, stop the harm it causes and help women relearn how they see their own bodies. This movement is targeting brands who trivialize violence against women while supporting the brands that empower them.

In a powerful video for the campaign, #IStandUp highlights uncomfortable news coverage that reports on horrible trends inspired by the media. From thigh gaps to Kylie Jenner’s ridiculous challenge — Women Not Objects speaks out against the mass media’s thoughtless influence on our culture.

The video encourages folks to stand up against this garbage — and the website invites you to join the good fight.

Founded by Madonna Badger, a New York ad executive and founder of Badger & Winters, Women Not Objects urges folks to look deeper into the meaning behind what advertisers are saying. Badger is tired of being spoken to this way by the media — and has stated she won’t participate in advertisements that are harming people any longer. Though she has acknowledged that some of the work she’s been involved with in her career has objectified women in the past, she is refusing to do it moving forward. Badger was behind creating the famous Calvin Klein ad featuring Mark Wahlberg.

This interactive campaign allows people to submit harmful ads with bad messaging or awful imagery through e-mail or social media with the purpose of calling them out.

Take a look at the project — otherwise, here’s the video:

Image credit: YouTube