10 Awesome baby names inspired by television characters

BabyNameInspirationTelevisionGetting to name a little human is just one of the many exciting things about reproducing life. As a parent, you have the authority to decide what this blooming person will likely be called for the rest of their time on earth.

While some folks opt for popular, trendy baby names — others are into getting super creative with them (like the time Gwenyth Paltrow named her daughter Apple and Beyonce named her child Blue Ivy — of course they’re friends). In case you’re wondering, the top five boys and girls names in Canada according to Today’s Parent are: Liam, William, Jacob, Noah, Logan, Emma, Olivia, Sofia/Sophie, Maya/Mia/Mya and Charlotte.

So let’s talk about some great names fictional characters have that you should consider for your own little womb nugget. It’s not every day you get to pick out a title for a being.

Note: one could also use this list as a source of inspiration when trying to come up with an awesome name for their fur-child. Naming your golden retriever or domestic shorthaired cat obviously matters too.

Who wouldn’t want to be named after the Mother of Dragons? Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) is a queen and fan favourite. It will be obvious the child’s parents were named by Game of Throne viewers — but at least everyone in that school yard will know you watched good television.

cosimaAlmost-parents, this is your chance to name your womb nugget after the brilliant scientist clone from Orphan Black. Cosima (Tatiana Maslany) is a chill, witty babe with a brain that just won’t stop. Ready for a cool fact that goes with this pick? The character’s name was actually based on a real-life person — Cosima Herter, a PhD student and Science Consultant on the sci-fi series.

Why wouldn’t you want to name your baby after the smartest character on CW’s The 100? Raven Reyes (Lindsey Morgan) saves the day with her genius time and time again. Giving your little human this name may subconsciously breed a blooming engineer (or not, because parents forcing their kids to be anything but what and who they need to be is not cool).

Raven Reyes baby names…and if you watch the series, you’ll know that Raven was able to fight the chip. “She’s so much stronger than the rest of you,” Alie said.

Yes, we’re talking about Dayanara’s mom on Orange Is The New Black. Aleida is a great name — and the character, portrayed by Elizabeth Rodriguez, is pretty bomb too. This is your opportunity to name your offspring after a character who was released from Litchfield the same year baby made their debut in the world.