Happiness is a desirable state of being for most — but for some, it’s harder to achieve. Getting happy can be as simple as shifting a perspective and redirecting your energy.

Today, I had some extra time to shed some of my beagle wisdom between tasks I put off chewing my rawhide for this — and decided to offer you 10 things to make yourself happier right now. So why not offer you some pawsible solutions that will benefit your quality of life?

Express gratitude for things you have
Instead of fixating on all the places you haven’t gone, all the things you don’t own or everything that’s not going right — take some time to acknowledge what you’ve got. Think about someone who cares about you and send them a text to let them know they were thought of and how they better your existence. Thank the moon for indoor plumbing and the stars for living in a time where wifi is a thing. Stop dwelling on desire and take a moment to look around at what is yours and who you have in your life.

Of course we all want a dinosaur bone to chew on — but remember that kind human who stopped into the local pet store to find you a pig’s ear to gnaw on.

Stop comparing yourself to othersboxador and beagle
Of course we’re all bound to do it. You think I don’t look at a great dane and wish I was a little larger than 26.6lbs? But, remember, that big beast doesn’t have the velvety soft ears I have or the same gift of smell in his snout (and beagles live longer). We’re all different breeds with our own backgrounds and special gifts. My boxador cousin may have size advantages and have full-time access to a backyard in his suburban home— but we’re just different dogs. Don’t overlook what you’ve achieved because you’re too focused on being something you’re not.

Get off Facebook (or at least limit the time you’re on social media)
Avoid torturing yourself on an off day by scrolling through your newsfeed — which is usually just a highlight reel of other people’s lives. The social media savvy tend to avoid updating their status with their post-holiday weight, their fights with their lovers and shitty marks they got on their last exams. You’ll inevitably find yourself comparing lives when you’re on there too much. Get off.

Enjoy a walk outside
Sometimes a sweet stroll on the sidewalk will inspire you. Make some time to head out into the world and breathe in some fresh air — it’s good exercise and awesome for people watching. Plus, you never know what treasures you’ll find in a patch of grass.

Consider everyone your friend
You never know who is carrying cookies in their pockets. Human or canine, all creatures have light. Look for the good instead of trying to sniff out the bad — you’ll often receive a smile or a kind tail wag. Everyone can be your friend.

Scale back on the judgemental thing
Judging always says more about the creature judging than it does about the being receiving judgement. Those judgements folks make in their minds are all about their own experiences — don’t project your weird life experiences onto other people. It’s not cool and it makes you look like an asshole. Happiness is about accepting yourself so you can be cool with others.

beagle nap timeGet enough sleep
I won’t even go into how much sleep can benefit your overall health — but make sure you’re rested. How do you expect to be your best you if you’re tired, cranky and irritable (all symptoms of sleep deprivation). If you have the luxury of time in the day, enjoy a nap.

Sleep does wonders for the body — so love yourself enough to give your body what it deserves.

Accept yourself
This doesn’t mean stop growing or to boycott goals — this means, recognize that you’re a work in progress and that you’re doing great. Understand yourself and accept where you are in your personal evolution. When you accept yourself, you respect yourself and offer others a good example of how you like to be treated.

Do more of what makes you happy
…and don’t feed me crap about not having time. Prioritize happiness and make time in your busy life to feed your spirit. If watching bad television does good for your emotional health, set aside an evening to give yourself what you need. If going on adventures is what keeps you going — schedule a hike in your recreational time. If you’re not doing what makes you happy, it’s inevitable you’ll be miserable. Give yourself things to live for.

Surround yourself with positive, good quality peoplebabes and beagles clark kent
Cut off those who drain you and focus your energy on those who fill your heart with warmth. Most of the time, it’s not an event or place that makes a good memory — it’s the company you keep. Also, it’s important to be aware of who you are around because you will inevitably pick up their energy and they will influence you. Set yourself up for success by carefully selecting the cast of folks in your life. Quality people are hard to find but they are worth the effort — make sure you treat them right. Life’s about happiness and love, right?

So there you have it. Decide right now to pick happiness — make it a priority and do what I tell you to do (if it feels right). You matter and I think you’re important enough to share this wisdom with. You have value and you have me.