5 reasons January sucks and what you can do about it

christmas with family

1. The happy holidays are over

Whether you love or hate it, the holidays are an overwhelming time of year. Last minute shopping, work to get done before the break, cabin fever, and relatives on their way to sleep on your couch. And when it’s all said and done, you’ve got the whole house to clean, decorations to put away, and family to get to the airport just in time to get back to work.

You can’t turn back the clock to the joy of Christmas morning, so learn to find joy in the new year. Turn un-decorating into an opportunity to rearrange your space and do some early spring cleaning. Worried about missing your family? Make sure you take the time while they are visiting to plan your next trip. Don’t forget the amazing things that technology can do to bring you together as well! Finding yourself stressed about returning to a job you don’t like? Well, there are services for that

Image credit: Tumblr/jupiter2