5 things I wish I knew about invisible illness before diagnosis

5-things-i-wish-i-knew-about-my-invisible-illness-before-I-was-diagnosed-bethanie-warren-photographySince I was young, I wondered why everyone always seemed happier than I was. It seemed like everyone had so much energy, while I was too exhausted to even hold up a book. When I ran, my whole body hurt and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t go a week without getting sick.

Every doctor I went to offered a medical reason for my chronic pain, exhaustion, and allergies. What they did not offer was any sense that they truly understood my illness and its effect on my psyche.  It’s a really scary place to be – unwell and easily dismissed.

Relief wasn’t as easy as a diagnosis and I have found that in some ways my diagnosis has negatively affected my life. Having an invisible disease can be stigmatizing. Not everyone is aware that there is such a thing as a chronic invisible illness and that these illnesses can significantly impair daily living. It has been reported that 125 million Americans suffer from such diseases, as do over six million Canadians.

After living with Fibromyalgia for years, here is what I wish I knew sooner about being diagnosed with an invisible disease.

Image credit: Tumblr/bethaniewarrenphotography