7 signs you’re dating the green eyed monster

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We’ve all had moments of weakness when jealousy trickles into our thoughts. It’s a natural emotion that stems from things like insecurity, fear, and anxiety but by the time it bubbles up to the surface it takes the form of anger and resentment.

All types of relationships can fall victim to jealousy – friends can be jealous of friends, children can be jealous their mothers are paying attention to other children, and people romantically involved often have it the worst.

When strong feelings of any kind enter a relationship, the opportunity for jealousy is there. Add alcohol, or other forms of inebriants, and jealousy can be dangerous. But how do you know if what you’re experiencing is a little bit of envy or full blown green eyed monster jealousy?

Here are seven signs that you’re with someone who needs to check their jealousy.


Image credit: Flickr/panayotis