7 Types of lesbian hats and the lady lovers who wear them

Ruby Rose Lesbian Hats
Hats can be a key indicator of someone’s identity. These head-toppers tell you a lot about a person.

Napoleon was known for his hat (the bicorne), and rocked the sideways look long before visors became a thing. Historians think he did it to separate himself from his military rivals. I think he did it for style.

When it comes to hats, lesbians are a lot like Napoleon: the hat we choose often reflects our attitude (one of general badassery) and our individual style.

With that it mind, let’s take a look at some of our favourite lesbian hats and the women who wear them.

Just a quick disclaimer before we begin. Contrary to what this Chapstick Lesbian thinks, hats are never okay to wear at family dinners…or funerals. My girlfriend made me add this disclaimer.

Let’s talk hats now, shall we?

Image credit: Instagram