Demi Moore’s chihuahua has a ruff life. Vida Blue, a canine of privilege, apparently gets home biweekly visits by a vet that gives her acupuncture. It sounds just so LA.

But according to Us Weekly, this is a real thing. This little dog who happens to belong to a wealthy actress who is just into holistic food and medicine — enjoys relaxing acupuncture that’s said to help calm down the anxious pup. After all, it only costs up to $715 per session.

This reminds me of the time Dr. Shakaloo was living at our house. My human had a roommate that practiced acupuncture and would regularly light large sticks of sage. It took me a while to realize that the sage I was sniffing was to cleanse energy as opposed to seasoning chicken — this can be confusing to a hound. He never pressed a needle into my flesh though.

While it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the need for acupuncture when you’re a healthy, wealthy chihuahua living the dream in LA — I don’t judge. I mean, I can’t. Yesterday, while on a walk, I sniffed out a half-eaten rained-on chocolate muffin and sunk my teeth in deep. Locked my jaw and wouldn’t give it up.

My point is this, we all have our own things to make us happy. For me, just a regular beagle — it’s garbage on the sidewalk. For Vida Blue, Moore’s pampered pup — it’s acupuncture. Whatever feels right, right?

Also, I know you probably missed me. My human and I were busy doing an interview by Coffee With a Canine.